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We strive to put our most recent services online as soon as possible, so that you may be able to have new services available for viewing, studying and learning. Our staff is here to help you, so please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact page. May Yahweh bless the sincere seeker of truth. The services below are in video format; however, they are also available in just audio, if you prefer.

Date Speaker Title
4/27/19 Elder Dennis Frisbey
Elder Mike Greene
Sermonette: Why We Do Not Use the Equinox
Sermon: Contend for the Faith
4/20/19 Deacon Glenn Eberly
Deacon Rene' Meneses
Sermonette: Is Yahweh Fair?
Sermon: Listen with Caution
4/13/19 Elder Mike Wardlow
Elder George Garner
Sermonette: Is There Another Gospel (Evangel)?
Sermon: The Spirit of Yah
4/6/19 Deacon Roger Anderson
Elder Mike Greene
Sermonette: O.T. Quotes in the N.T.
Sermon: Pastors After Yahweh's Own Heart
3/30/19 Elder Mike Wardlow
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: A Wonderful Calling
Sermon: The Stone That Was Made Bread
3/16/19 Deacon Roger Anderson
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: Why Are We Here
Sermon: Be Circumspect
3/9/19 Brother Ben Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: A Place at His Table
Sermon: School of Thought
3/2/19 Deacon Brad Merz
Deacon Rene' Meneses
Sermonette: Yahweh's Vengeance
Sermon: To Feed or Not to Feed
2/9/19 Brother Ben Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: Standard for Morality
Sermon: Echad--Pt. 3
1/26/19 Deacon Rene' Meneses
Deacon Brad Merz
Sermonette: Beware of Decoys
Sermon: Obedience vs. Rebellion
1/19/19 Elder Dennis Frisbey
Elder Ed Burgett
Sermonette: Echad, Pt. 2
Sermon: The Promise
1/5/19 Elder George Garner
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: Glory of the New Covenant
Sermon: Echad
12/8/18 Brother Ben Burgett
Elder George Garner
Sermonette: The Haze of Distraction
Sermon: Blessings & Curses
11/24/18 Brother Ed Drayton
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: What Is Grace
Sermon: The Mercy of Yahweh
11/17/18 Deacon Rene' Meneses
Elder Mike Wardlow
Sermonette: What Are We Chosen For
Sermon: Spiritual Blindness
11/10/18 Brother Ben Burgett
Elder George Garner
Sermonette: Intelligent Design
Sermon: Israel's Unbelief
11/3/18 Deacon Rene' Meneses
Deacon Brad Merz
Sermonette: Two Seeds--One Heart
Sermon: Book of John
10/27/18 Brother Ben Burgett
Elder Dennis Frisbey
Sermonette: Through Faith Comes Healing
Sermon: 153 Fish, Pt. 3


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