The Creator


Knows You By NAME

Do You Know Him By NAME?

      You may know He is the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the god of Moses, the Author of the Ten Commandments, the Creator of all things, but do you know His name?

Does He Have a Name?

     That is a simple "yes" or "no" question. Let's see if the scriptures give an answer.

Ex. 20:7: You shall not take the NAME of יהוה   your god in vain-


Ex. 20:11: For in six days יהוה made heaven and earth...

Lev. 22:32-33: Neither shall ye profane My holy NAME; but I will be hallowed among the children of Israel: I am יהוה  which hallow you; That brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your god: I am יהוה .

(1) These four letters of the Hebrew alphabet are what is called the Tetragrammaton. Most English Bibles have substituted "the LORD" in place of this name.

Ps. 83:18: That men may know that thou whose NAME alone is יהוה  art the most high over all the earth.

Isa. 42:8: I am יהוה that is My NAME; and My glory will I not give to another...


There are many other verses which clearly show the Creator does have a name.

What Is His Name?

     In the above verses, we see the Creator's name to be יהוה  being spelled with letters from the Hebrew alphabet. We have no tape recording to prove the exact sound of the original pronunciation, nor is that the primary issue here. It is certain, however, that His name is not "the LORD." Scholars know "Jehovah" is erroneous, and that "Yahweh" is the more correct spelling. On page xx of the introduction to Moffatt's Bible, he says, "Strictly speaking, this ought to be rendered 'Yahweh' which is familiar to modern readers in the erroneous form of 'Jehovah.'" Among the many other sources which indicate that "Yahweh" is the correct transliteration, is page v of the preface to the Revised Standard Version.

     Now that you can pronounce יהוה as "Yahweh," you should read all the above verses a second time. Or better yet, get one of several Bibles which have transliterated the Creator's true name rather than substituting titles where it occurs in the Scripture (2).Transliterating means to represent the sound in another language. Proper names are transliterated.

(2) Rotherham version, 1902; The Jerusalem Bible, 1966 and The New Jerusalem Bible, 1985, Doubleday. The Word of Yahweh, Assembly of Yahweh, 1017 N. Gunnell Rd, Eaton Rapid, MI 48827. The Scriptures (This version uses the Hebrew characters for the name). Strawberry Islands; Lew White; 2325 Bardstown Road; Louisville, KY 40205-2120. Other new translations are in process as this is written. Watch for them.

What is His English Name?

     But you may wonder: Why leave only the name in Hebrew while translating the rest into English? If we are going to speak English, then wouldn't it be more consistent to translate the whole thing into our English language? That is a fair question. Here is the answer. The Crea¬tor's name does not exist in English, except as a transliteration of the Tetragrammaton. At the time the Creator gave His name to the Israelites, His name did not exist in the foreign languages of the nations. The foreign nations had their own gods. They did not worship the god of the Hebrews and they did not know the name of the god of the Hebrews. The Creator's communications came only through the Hebrews, and it is through them that we become aware of the fact that the Creator has a personal revealed name.

Yahweh Revealed His Name

     In the seventeenth century, the telescope was invented. The Creator did not tell us to call it a telescope. We made up that word on our own. But we humans did not make up the Creator's name. Yahweh said that His name is Yahweh! When the Israelites were congre¬gated at Mount Sinai, the Creator introduced Himself and revealed His name. His name oc¬curs eight times within the ten command¬ments, which were given audibly and written in stone. According to Ex. 20:2, He introduced Himself in the following words:

H3068 (3)        H430

(3) The H and G numbers throughout this article refer to the numbers in Strong's Concordance of the Bible. H refers to Hebrew and G refers to Greek.
      I am יהוה your "god" who brought you out.... His revealed name is יהוה  and god is just a title.

Elohim is Not a Name

     Like "doctor," the word "elohim" is a title. This Hebrew word is correctly rendered into English as "god" with a small "g," and is frequently and consistently used as a title for the deities of the nations. To verify this, look up "gods" (H430) in Strong's Concordance.

     A good example is Deut. 12:30: "...that thou enquire not after their gods (elohim), saying, How did these nations serve their gods (elohim)'! even so will I do likewise. Thou shalt not do so unto Yahweh thy god (elohim)..." It is obvious that the sentence, "I am Yahweh, your god; you shall have no other gods beside me" is similar to, "I am John, your doctor; you shall have no other doctors beside me." The word "god" (elohim) is a title, but the Creator's name is Yahweh!

     The statement that Yahweh has many names is not true. If you look up "name" in a concordance, you will find many references to the name of Yahweh, but not even once will it refer to His names (plural). In the future, Yah¬weh will prove to have one name, according to Zech. 14:9.

Does Name Really Mean Name?

     Some argue that the word "name" means authority or power, rather than name. This is not true. By the authority of His word, the Creator tells us that He has a name! The word "name" (H8034 - shem) is used over 200 times in the Torah, and is correctly and consistently translated "name." To verify this, look up "name" in Strong's Concordance. A different word (H3581- koach), means power. Yahweh does indeed have power, but He also has a name. Through Moses, Yahweh said to Phar-aoh in Ex. 9:16, "And in very deed for this cause have I raised you up, for to show in you My power (koach)... and that My name (shem) may be declared throughout all the earth."

Who Are Theos And Kurios?

     In the phrase "church of God," and other New Testament occurrences, the meaning of the word "God" can be found in Strong's #G2316. The Greek word "theos" refers to the many various gods of the Greeks. "Theos" was not derived from our Heavenly Father's name. It isn't a name at all. It is a title.

     In quotations from the Old Testament such as "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!" (Mark 11:9, quoted from Psalm 118:26), the word LORD is translated from the Greek word "kurios" G2962. Once again, "kurios" is not derived from the Creator's name at all! It is a Greek word meaning "master" or "sir." This, too, is not a name, but a title.

     In the New Testament, our Creator's name was not transliterated from the Scrip¬tures as was done with all the other proper names! Instead, titles such as "theos" and "kurios" were substituted for His holy name and were then translated to the common English words, "God" and "Lord!" In several translations (see note 2) these names are properly restored to Yahweh.

     Our Savior prayed, "Holy Father, keep through your own name. those whom you have given me so that they may be one as we are" (John 17:11).

     Theists, deists and new age proponents have invented an imaginary ecumenical generic deity which they call "God." Their definitions of "god" are as varied as the imaginations of their minds, but only the name "Yahweh" refers specifically to the Author of the ten commandments.


     Does Israel's mighty one have a name? Is His name "God?"

     These are simple yes or no questions. Now that you know the answers, why would you continue using the word "god" as if it were Yahweh's name? Some will argue that words are merely for communication, but the important thing is the meaning or the intent of the heart

     Well, that is precisely the point!

     Your Creator, Yahweh, loves you and cares for you. He knows you by name and has a place for your own name to be written in His book of life. He cares about you personally. But He also wants you to care about Him personally. He wants you to be kept, not in His title or some substitute, but IN HIS NAME, YAHWEH! Look into this issue for yourself and commit yourself to getting to know your Creator by His true name.



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